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How to Create Digital Downloads to Sell!


How to Create Digital Downloads to Sell?
Digital Downloads are one of the easiest ways to start an online business. You don't need a lot of money or tech skills. Digital download products are non-physical goods. So you won't need to ship or deliver to the person who purchases a digital download. 

What platform do you use to create digital downloads to sell?
There are many programs to use but, I recommend the free program called Canva and setting up a free one-month account with Creative Fabrica.
Creative Fabrica is best known as a marketplace for digital files, like fonts, graphics, and machine embroidery designs, created for crafters.
Canva is a free-to-use online graphic design tool. Also, I recommend you use Etsy to sell your products. Etsy is an online marketplace, where people make, sell, buy, and collect unique items. 
Once you get your Etsy shop going you can set it up for passive income. I usually only spend a few hours a week devoted to my Etsy shop and receive sales daily! I created this step-by-step blog post on how to make daily income. 
Why use Canva to create your digital downloads to sell?
First I recommend you open a Canva Free Account! Sign up Here: Canva Free Account.
You can also sign up for a Free and/or a Pro Account. I succeeded in making money with Etsy using free features and pro elements. 
Rules for Canva Pro
What's Not Legal to do when selling digital products on Etsy!
*You can't use Canva Pro elements unless you're selling it as a file that brings the customer back into Canva.
You can't use Creative Fabrica elements on your Canva products unless they are flattened into a design. You can flatten them by downloading them as a PNG and then using that PNG for the final download.
*You can't sell the premade templates on Canva or start their template, make small changes, and call it your own.
*You can't sell Canva elements by themselves.
*You can't sell templates with imported fonts without extended commercial use rights. To avoid copyright infringements it's best to follow their rules in Canva.
How to Create Digital Downloads to Sell on Etsy?

First I recommend using the 40 Free Listings when you sign up.
Sign up here: 40 Free Listings!
You can use your own website to sell your digital downloads, but I have more success using Etsy.
Break down of the Listing Fees for Digital Products on Etsy!
Listing fees: 0.20 cents per item and it renews after 4 months, but you can place it on auto-renew or manual. If your digital download isn't selling very well then you can place it on manual and not renew it.
Transaction fee: 6.5%
A transaction fee is what you pay whenever you make a sale on Etsy.
Payment processing fee: 3% + $0.25 per transaction.
Offsite Ads (for high-volume sellers): 12%
Currency conversion fee: 2.5% (If your shop’s listing currency is different from the currency of your Payment).
Etsy Ads: cost varies and it's optional. I usually don't use Etsy ads on all my listings, but use it on my best sellers.
Fees for these ads are “pay per click”, meaning that you receive charges anytime a person clicks on your Etsy Ad.
Example: I sell my digital product for $8
- subtract .20 cent listing fee
- .52 transaction fee
- .49 processing fee plus .25
- .96 off-site adds
You end up with $5.58 after fees for a product that can sell over and over without much effort.
How do you set up your shop with Etsy?
What do I name my shop?
Name your shop something catchy and detailed so customers will remember you!
For example, if you want to sell hair stylist business cards you could use your name and what you are selling. I would try Amy's hair biz cards! You may need to try a few times if someone else already has your desired name. 
Should I create sales and discounts
with Etsy?
Etsy is a venue made up of independent sellers who run their own shops. This means that each seller is responsible for their own refunds, exchanges, and returns policies. Individual policies will vary from shop to shop.
Digital Items aren't eligible for refunds. It's important to emphasize in your description listing that you do not give refunds and that you sell a digital instant download, Not a physical item.
Sales and Discounts:
In Etsy, the shop manager goes to Marketing on the left-hand side. Click on Sales and Discounts.
You can click on run a sale or create a promo code. I like to create a promo code for buying 3 items and getting 10% off my digital items. During the holidays it's profitable to run a 10% sale off your digital items to gain more sales.

How to get more reviews on Etsy?
The best way to get reviews on Etsy is to ask for them. If you are selling quality digital products then you will usually not need to ask for any reviews. However in the beginning I would message your customers and kindly ask them for a review after their purchase. 
How to download a digital download
on Etsy?
Many of my customers would message me daily on how to download their purchases so I made this blue photo below that you can use.
You can create this download photo in Canva to upload to your listing to help customers understand how to download their purchases.
What niche should I create for my digital downloads?
Here are many ideas for digital products that sell on Etsy.
Click Here: 100 digital product ideas!
I recommend going to the Etsy Search bar and type "digital" or "instant download" to see what pops up! The top words that pop up are customers' most popular searched words.
You need to niche down rather than keep your shop with many broad items. So, for example, if you want to sell baby digital items, I would pick a few rather than many different ideas. So for example you could sell baby invites and create many different types of baby invites. This helps you brand yourself as the person that sells that specific item. It may be confusing to your customer if you sell too many items without a niche so stay focused on a theme. If your theme is baby digital items then only sell that idea in your store and not something else along with it. You can have many other shops if you want to expand on different ideas.
Why is branding your Etsy digital downloads store important?
It's important to stand out and have your customers come back! A good way to stand out is to create your own logos for your brand. You can create logos in Canva for Free. Creating a thank you message after a sale is a nice way to brand yourself. Your shop name can be incorporated into your logo. Create logo cards to send to your friends, family, and potential customers in Canva.
How to Create Digital Downloads with Canva or Creative Fabrica!
I suggest signing up for the Creative Fabrica Free Trial!
Sign up Here: Creative Fabrica

Free All-Access Trial: Get free access to Creative Fabrica's library to download 10 products! The trial will renew for $9/month, one month after your trial starts or upon using your 10th download credit. You can cancel anytime.
You can Upgrade to All Access yearly for just $79.99. So you pay just $79.99 per year, the normal price is $348. The subscription gives you access to all graphics, fonts, classes & more!
Personal & Commercial use of files included!
You can't use Creative Fabrica elements on your Canva products unless they are flattened into a design. (it means to lock them in place so they don't move and then sell them as a PDF, but not as an editable template.
You can add Creative Fabrica downloads to Canva to make it your own under the commercial license. So for example when I buy digital downloads and then I transfer them to Canva, I must add more elements from Creative Fabrica to make it my own to sell it on Etsy. 
Creative Fabrica has license agreements with dos and don'ts on their digital downloads. To avoid any copyright infringement please read their license summary on their website.
Here is the link for the license agreement. Click here for the license.
How to find low-competition products to sell on Etsy?
I use the
Ever Bee tool to find product analytics.
You can sign up for Free here: Ever Bee
Ever Bee is a tool that helps with product research to find high-demand products to sell on Etsy so you can see what is trending.
It shows how Etsy listings are performing so you can make high-revenue products. This tool helps you save time and create best sellers.
For free you receive 10 analytic searches per month or you can upgrade for more searches.
Where to advertise your Etsy Digital Products?
I recommend you sign up with Pinterest for Free to promote your Etsy digital products.
Sign up here: Pinterest
I suggest you create digital product boards on Pinterest and create pins daily! I like to add myself to Etsy boards that allow you to promote digital downloads. 
Etsy sells Pinterest Boards you can advertise on to save you the trouble!
Find them here! 
Also, you can pin your Etsy Digital Products on Tailwind! 

Tailwind App is a scheduling tool designed to help content creators, bloggers, and brands grow their Pinterest audience! 
You can schedule your digital product pins on Pinterest with Tailwind. 
Top best hours to post on Pinterest are 8:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 9:00 PM, 3:00 PM, and 2:00 PM. 
Sign up for Tailwind here:
Also, I recommend you promote your digital products on all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and tik tok. The more you get your products out to all potential customers the better.  
The Top 5 Best Digital Products to Sell!
Create business thank you cards on Canva to sell to potential customers. 
Digital Download Calendars are easy and fun to make on Canva. They sell nicely on Etsy throughout the year. 

Printable Wedding Invitations
Wedding Invitations are very popular on Esty! Create a nice wedding template to share with customers with Canva. 

Printable Resume
Resumes are popular digital downloads to sell on Etsy. You can search for templates on Canva to use and make your own.

Many teachers are always looking for ways to teach children online. School activity sheets make for best sellers on Etsy.

Staying consistent and using these strategies will give you a profitable foundation to sell on Etsy. I hope you sell many digital products on Etsy and become a best seller!
Here are many ideas for digital products that sell on Etsy.
Click Here: 100 digital product ideas!

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